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A Sipp'd perfect non alcoholic serve

We wanted to start by saying Happy New Year to you all!

We took a little bit of time off from production over the Xmas break to recharge the batteries and help us catch up on the mountain of admin we’d been putting off during the UK apple season. We had an incredibly busy 5 months squishing and bottling the 2021 apple harvest and we definitely needed a rest.

We’ve been really excited to get back into the office this week and dive back into production. We have a final few apple squeezes left in January, but, by the time we’re finished we will have doubled the amount of apples we pressed this time last year, almost 10 tons of Essex grown apples.

But, before that all kicks off we sat down at the start of this week and had a think of some Sipp'd 2022 resolutions for the New Year. An important one we agreed on was that we have been guilty of neglecting our blog, and that's something we’re going to change this year. So, we wanted to kick off 2022 with a post suggesting some great non alcoholic serving suggestions for our juices and sodas; perfect for any non-drinkers, anyone doing dry January or if you just fancy a tasty alternative.

Trade your Gimlet for a Sipp'd Twisted Limeade

If you’re looking for mocktail vibes we’d highly recommend grabbing a bottle or two of our Twisted Limeade. It’s tangy, bitter, complex, limey and very different to your typical soda. We spice this drink using real cardamom which give it some menthol and gingery notes. It’s a great option to surprise your guests with if you’re hosting an alcohol free dinner party this January. Best served in a tumbler with ice and a slice of lime to garnish.

Swap a wine tasting for a Sipp'd apple juice tasting

Like grapes, different apples varieties all have their own individual unique characteristics. We press our Essex grown apples in their own varieties, or in blends, then hand tag each bottle to let you know which apples have gone into the bottle. We give all of our juices a gentle pasteurisation to ensure we maintain their subtle flavors, giving a great range of sweet to tart juices. An apple juice tasting can be a fun evening in doing something a bit different this month.

We’d recommend the indecisive box to give you a big range to choose from.

Trade up your espresso martini for a espresso & cream soda.

You’ll have to bear with us on this one, we promise it’s good. It’s an easy one to mix up as well!

  • Step 1, make your favourite espresso over ice.

  • Step 2, get rid of the ice so you're left with your chilled espresso.

  • Step 3, combine with a Sipp’d cream soda. We use around half a bottle but you can mix to taste.

The added bonus is that this drink looks great as it settles out. We won’t ruin the surprise by posting a photo, but if you do try this out, be sure to share a snap and let us know what you think! If you fancy trying this drink while out and about, you can order one at OnCall Coffee on Holloway road. The team there are amazing, and don't forget to say Hi from us.


We couldn’t write up a post on non-alcoholic serving options without giving a nod to our friends over at Jin Jin. We came across Jin Jin during 2021 and had a great time meeting their founder, Son, and the rest of the team. We swapped some of our soda and juice for their naturally fermented enzyme cordial and it tastes great. We even had a bit of fun mixing our drinks together. It’s packed full of probiotics and enzymes from 35 raw and natural ingredients and definitely an awesome choice if you’re looking to have a healthier January following a December of excess! If you’re a fan of Kombucha or shrubs its worth a try!


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