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If you've got anything that you'd like to ask, please don't be shy. We would love to hear from you!

Let us know which drinks you enjoyed, what you'd like to see in the future, if you have any questions about our drinks, or even just want to say hi.

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  • Do I have to store your drinks in the fridge?
    In short: No, but just make sure they are out of direct sunlight as this can degrade some of the flavour. We pasteurise our drinks using a low and slow method. This allows us to maintain as much of the fresh flavour of our ingredients as possible. Most large scale manufacturers use high temperatures for shorter periods, and although these are quicker, they can also impact the taste. It's one of the reasons why our products take longer to make, but we're not going to change it, as we definitely prefer the quality.
  • Can you ship internationally?
    Currently, we aren't offering international delivery on our products. If we did, we would probably have to charge you an extortionate price to do so. If this hasn't put you off, don't hesitate to drop us a message and we'll be more than happy to get you a quote.
  • Do you want the used bottles back?
    We get this question a lot and unfortunately we aren't able to reuse our bottles at the moment. The equipment and logistics required to do this are currently a bit beyond our capabilities, but it's definitely something that we will continue to look into as we grow. We choose to package our drinks in glass as its infinitely recyclable, so please pop these into your glass recycling bin or into a local bottle bank.
  • Can I have a tour of the factory, where all the magic happens?"
    We don't currently provide tours of our sodaworks / juicery. It's quite a small unit, and as there's only two of us, we're normally running around making drinks, fulfilling orders and trying to tackle all the other admin that comes with running your own business. It may be something we look at in the future, but it's something we can't offer right now.
  • Can you press and bottle my apples for me?
    Unfortunately, we don't have the capacity to juice and bottle your apples at the moment. If we did, we wouldn't have time to bottle any for ourselves. It's something we are definitely going to look into when we're able to buy some bigger kit.
  • How about a collaboration?
    Just kidding, this isn't really a frequently asked question, but we are always open for a chat. We love to talk about all things drinks, nerd out and brainstorm new ideas, so don't be shy, ping us a message and we can talk.
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