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Let's nerd out about apples!

Hopefully you found this page by scanning the QR code on a bottle of our Small Batch Apple Juice, but if not, you're definitely missing out on indulging in this information. As you've probably picked up by now, we're massive nerds about our ingredients and love learning more and more about each of the elements that makes up our drinks. Here we wanted to give you a little more insight into the production of our apple juice and also tell you a bit about the apple varieties that went into each batch of our juice.

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Where do our apples come from

We source all of our apples locally, mostly from our home county of Essex, but in recent years, we've expanded a little and now also work with one fantastic farm over the Thames, in Kent.

How we make or juice

Let's show you a bit behind the scenes and explain what we do to make our juice taste like you're biting into a fresh apple.

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Apple Varieties

Here you can match up the batch number and the variety of apple (printed on the neck of the bottle) to a small bio with even more info about what's in the bottle.

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