Hibiscus Lemonade Box

Hibiscus Lemonade Box


A box of 12 bottles of our Hibiscus Lemonade. 


Despite it's look our Hibiscus lemonade is 100% natural. We use dried hibiscus flowers to give it that distinctive red look and also a fantastic flavour. This Lemonade is wildly different to our Straight up Lemonade being earthy, tangy, slightly savory yet refreshing. A great summer drink and definitely an adult soda!


Our soda's are made entirely from real natural ingredients, so you may see a small amount of sediment in your bottle. Be sure to gently invert the bottle and give it a little swirl to mix up all the extra flavour before opening, but remember, it's fizzy.


Due to the natural colour from the hibiscus flowers we recommend this soda is stored out of direct sun light as this will impact it's vibrancy over time. 


Hibiscus and Zest Infusion (87%) (Water, Hibiscus Flowers, Lemon Zest), Lemon Juice (7%), Unrefined Cane Sugar, Sea Salt.